Extract formula to choose the number for Satta Matka

Do you ever play satta matka and still not aware with their tricks to choose the right number here you get the solution. Read this and enjoy satta matka 143 games.

How to choose numbers?

In this game, you have to select any three numbers from 0 to 9. Like you chose 6, 5 and 4. But these numbers are added to make this game more interesting.

For example, you add (6+5+4) Answer = 15 comes. But according to the condition of this game you have to use the last digit of the answer, means 5.
Now your first draw in this game (6,5,4 * 5).

Similarly, another group of other numbers is also prepared.

For example, my number is 3,7,8.

Now after adding these three numbers (3+ 7+ 8), the answer is 18.
Like the previous draw, this will be the number of draws (3,7,8 * 8).
Now your last or card will be as follows – 6,5,4 * 5 × 3,7,8 * 8

How to count the sum of the prize?

If the first draw selected by you comes out, then you will get the reward of 9 × 90 = 90/- rupees according to the condition set by you.

In the second phase, you will find 9 × 90 = 900/- rupees according to the condition of your choice.

In the third and final phase, the number between the number of the selected number and the first number should be the same. If this happens then you will get 90 × 10 = 900/- rupees reward.

Fees and ratios in the game

If you play betting and make a claim then according to the rules of fees in this game, the bookie will pay you a 5% fee. This fee is taken from you in the event of winning the claim.

For example, if you bet, and you’ve won 100/- rupees, the bookie will deduct 5/- rupees out of your 100/- rupees and give you the remaining amount.

This game runs in the night and most of the results are declared in the night. Sometimes it has been seen that in the event of winning a large amount the speculators run away after being unable to repay the amount.

That’s why this Satta Matka game has not been so much trustworthy. If you make huge amounts in this game, then it will be your responsibility to get drowned.

Be careful, play safe!