Never forget these five precautions while playing Satta, especially no. 3

1. Don’t play every day
If you are playing Satta or gambling, then be very careful. You should play it by looking at the limits of your money. Because if you cross the limits of money then you will go into depression, stress and play again to recover the loss and you may lose more then. Never take this game as your career on a daily basis. If you are playing this game like an ass a hobby, then you will not have much trouble. Because in this Satta game betting can turn anytime.

2. Never play 6-7 open to close
Many people play 6 points 7 points open to close. If you are brainwashed, you can not lose a lot of profit in playing this much number of points. Sometimes it can happen that you get a profit, but mostly playing a lot in numbers, there is an only loss. If you have to play then play with 2 points. Play open to close till the maximum of crores.

3. Don’t be an addicted guy
In reality, Satta Matka, Kalyan main matka or many popular gambling games are an addictive game. There is no peace in life if you once addicted. These are the game where there is a way to come but the way to go is only when you are completely ruined.

4. Do not change the guesser gain and again
If you do not guess the number and you are taking help of a good guesser then follow him until you find profit. People lose guesser when they lose one or two times. By changing the guesser, guesser’s number starts to arrive. Every guess does not win every day. So keep this in mind that you do not have to change the guesser much.

5. Be conscious with passion
If you are playing this game, learn to play consciously. It is very important for you to be conscious of passion. People sometimes get into the overconfidence and forget their capacities and put more money. Finally, they lose. If you are also one of them, then do not ever play like you make your own rules. You decide how much money you have to spend in one day.