One by one steps to play international lotteries from India

Playing international lottery online from India is quite simple. Because all draws are out of India, Indian gambling restrictions do not apply to foreign lotteries like EuroMillions or Mega Millions, so you can play from anywhere in the country.

Steps to play online international lottery

  1. If you have not played online before or have not bought any lottery tickets using the lottery ticket concierge service, then here’s how to play the guide briefly.
  1. There are many websites available to play the online international lottery on Google, you can choose one of them of your choice. is a good site to play it. Click on any banner or play button at first.
  1. Choose the lottery you want to play.
  1. Use the number selector grid to select your number yourself or use a quick pick button to generate a random set of numbers.
  1. Confirm your purchase by clicking on the Continue button.
  1. Enter your details to open your account, or register a new account, and complete your purchase.
  1. After getting your order, you can view your numbers in your online account.

When you win the prize in the lottery, you will be notified by text / SMS or by sending an email to the email address provided when registering your account. Prize money is paid directly to your online account. After this, the amount of reward can be withdrawn or used to buy tickets in the future.