Symptoms of pathological gambling, a type of gaming addiction!

The problem of gambling or Kalyan Mumbai Matka happens when the personal, family and recreational activities of gamblers start to be interrupted due to gambling. On the other hand, ‘pathological gambling’ occurs when a person is unable to resist the intense desire for gaming, whether it is to compensate for the loss or just to get excited. Pathological gambling is long-lasting and frequent.

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Some characteristics of gambling addiction in a person are as follows:

  • Gambling affects their personal relationships, financial matters and professional life.
  • They have a feeling of anxiety, guilt, helplessness or depression.
  • They play gambling as a way to avoid problems or to avoid themselves from the dysphoric mood.
  • They are always worried about gambling. Once the game finished they starting planning to arrange more money for the next game.
  • They try to cut gambling or leave gambling, but they are very unsuccessful.
  • They start looking for illegal ways to gain money for gambling. They are financially dependent on others to invest money in gambling and often fall into debt.
  • They try to hide their gambling addiction from others.
  • They put their lot of time and effort into gambling, which in turn leads to more important responsibilities.

In our mind, the method of work of a path of reward or reward that has been attributed to it has also been attributed to it. Whenever we are involved in that activity, which makes us feel good, the path of return is activated, resulting in secretion of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which gives us a feeling of satisfaction.