This Town of Jodhpur Is Very Famous For Betting In The World

A town in Rajasthan, based on India is known all over the world because people will speculate on this. People of this town say that there is a strong network for betting, which keeps on sending speculative information. The name of that town is Phalodi, based on Jodhpur city of Rajasthan. People come from Bihar, UP, Kolkata and almost everywhere to bet here. People play here most famous game in India is Satta Matka.

There is a betting market, which deals with crores of rupees. The betting market opens every morning at 10 AM at a fixed rate. The market is open till 5 PM and at this time it is traded hundreds of crores.

The rates here change according to the situation. Here ‘KHANA’ and ‘LAGANA’ are two types of words which are quite famous in betting. KHANA means that the chances of winning are low and the meaning of LAGANA is good chances of winning. If someone wins, then they get the money back with extra money and if loses, the money is seized.

People make speculative calls by phone and SMS too. If they win, the money is put through their mobile vault in their account through online transfer.

The betting market of this town is considered as right in most cases, hence its demand is high. The speculative market is open in the run-up to the Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections too. Whether it is IPL, World Cup is or the election, the stake is played on every issue.

There is also speculation about rainfall. A sketch of clouds also appears in the sky, then people predict about the rain in the next 15 days and speculators are imposed.

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