Why it would be a good decision to bring betting under the law?

The Law Commission has said in its recommendation that if sports betting and gambling cannot be fully restricted, then it should be effectively regulated. This suggestion of betting and gambling in law is welcomed by the Law Commission. We have to keep some precaution while playing satta matka or any other betting games.

Goa and Sikkim have given legal recognition to many activities related to them. Other states can also learn lessons from these two small states. If betting and gambling activities are operated through media platforms then Parliament can make a law and the state governments can implement this law by making changes in their own accord.

The opinion of the Law Commission on this issue is similar to that of Lodha Committee, who had said that betting should get validity in cricket but match-fixing should be made a crime.

In 1996, the Supreme Court recognized the betting in horse racing and said that it is not a game of coincidence but it requires skills. The Law Commission has also done a good job of eliminating the thinking of prejudice towards sports by recommending regulation of betting in all the games in which there is a need for skill.

Benefits of this step
If the government accepts this suggestion, it will reduce the number of criminal activities. This will take a lot of hindrance on money laundering and tax evasion, and there will also be a huge increase in tax collection. At this time, directly, 25-30% tax is charged on horse-riding and lottery earnings. GST is also applicable to the distributor’s commission.

If betting is excluded from the scope of the illegal activities, transparency will come and those who are involved in the underground activity will be able to access the police.

On the other hand, tourism and employment opportunities can be increased by allowing foreign investment in activities like the casino. In this case, India needs to learn from the UK where there is a very effective arrangement with adequate vigilance regarding the regulation of betting and gambling areas.

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